Why and when to send sympathy flowers

sympathy flowers

It is often rather difficult to find the right words – or the right sympathy floral arrangement – to send to those that are grieving.

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Everyone moves through the grieving process differently, and everyone struggles to cope with the unexpected loss of someone important to them. The right sympathy floral arrangement is going to make a big difference in the lives of those that are going through some pretty dark moments, so don’t be shy about sending this kind of floral arrangement when you get the opportunity to do so.

At the same time, there is often quite a bit of concern around sympathy floral arrangement etiquette.

A lot of people are taught that there are right ways and wrong ways to go about sending sympathy floral arrangements, and if you want to be sure that you don’t make the wrong choice – or send the wrong arrangement that conveys the wrong kinds of emotions – you’ll want to pay close attention to everything we are able to share with you in this quick guide.

Shall we get right to it?

There’s almost no “wrong” flowers to send as part of a sympathy floral arrangement

First things first, it’s important to dispel the myth that there are right flowers and wrong flowers to send as part of the sympathy floral arrangements.

Even though you may have heard something to the contrary, the cold hard truth of the matter is that flowers – any flowers – are going to be a very welcome gift to those that are grieving.

Sure, you’re still going to want to make sure that you choose only the highest quality and freshest flowers available (and have them delivered by real deal professionals), but that shouldn’t be all that difficult. There are a lot of services – local, national, and international – they handle all of this “heavy lifting” for you.

It’s never too late to send a sympathy floral arrangement

Secondly, it is of vital importance to remember that there is no time limit to when you can send sympathy floral arrangements and when you cannot.

Some people are under the impression that you have to send sympathy Flowers along with condolence messages as soon as you discover that someone is grieving or that someone has passed, but this news isn’t going to reach everyone at the same time.

Obviously, you’ll want to try and send these flowers when you get the word, but regardless of whether or not that happens right around the passing of a particular individual or months down the road makes no difference.

You’ll still want to send a sympathy floral arrangement when you can. The flowers are always going to be well-received, and it’s nice to know that people are thinking of you even if you’ve moved further along through the grieving process.

Beautiful and vibrant arrangements that celebrate life are often welcomed

There is definitely something to be said about traditional and more subdued floral arrangements that are sent to those that are grieving, but perhaps you’d like to inject a little bit of life into an otherwise somber moment.

Beautiful, vibrant, and colorful arrangements that really celebrate life are almost always going to be very well received indeed. This is something that you’re going to want to consider, especially if you know the individuals that are grieving quite well – and you want to make sure that you are still conveying your sympathy while at the same time hoping to bring something a little brighter into their lives.

Don’t forget about the message you include on the card

The overwhelming majority of “stock” sympathy messages are very bland, very “vanilla”, and as close to impersonal as you’re going to get as far as words of condolences are concerned.

Obviously, if you’re looking to convey specific messages to those that are important to you, you aren’t going to want some generalist copywriter sending out super bland and cliché messages to those that mean the most to you.

Consider including your own short message. No matter what it says, it will ALWAYS be more important, be better received, and be more impactful than something that some greeting card writer through together.

Work only with the best professionals to get the highest quality sympathy floral arrangement results

Flower delivery service

Finally (and unsurprisingly), you are going to want to make sure that you are only working with the best florist professionals such as Spearwood Florist whom can be found online at https://spearwoodflorist.com.au/ to put together sympathy floral arrangements for you.

Whether you work with local florists, national or international operations, or simply throw some together yourself before having the flowers delivered you need to be sure that these are fresh, that these are beautifully arranged, and that these are going to impress upon the recipient just how much you are thinking about them in their time of need.

Delivery should be simple and straightforward (and guaranteed), which it will be if you move forward with any of the legitimate operations that take care of these kinds of deliveries on a daily basis.